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so much shit so little time

So driving to pride in sf was incredible. Mainly cause we lived. I drove both ways with minimal stoppage ...which is nuts cause it was the first time driving on a freeway in like two years. Nuts. I've had a license for two years and never drove up for pride. WTF. It was a lesson in responsibility. I have it, but I still have a long way to go. I am not invincible. My body basically threw a hissy fit and smashed a keg on my head for going almost a month now without 7hrs of consecutive sleep. Unfortunately it had to happen at the castro party 2006. *sigh* No I swear it's incidental that this occured the night when I wingmanned for Laurel and got her Daisy...or something. Either way I went to bed, after being a royal bitch, to the sound of their giggling and the eventual close of the bedroom door. NEVER fall for someone that sexual. Really. Hm we met Victoria...the AMAZINGLY sweet Game winner for Stanford. Sigh she was a saint and I never even got her number. Oh did I mention she's built and put bandaids on my bleeding fist and practically tucked me into bed? *sigh* er what else the march was incredible (the dyke march, uncorporate) I cried and chugged steel reserve hidden by a pop-tarts box. No really I was crying...in LA ..fuck LA...that would never happen. People were lining the streets and CHEERING FOR US. FOr boobs tits pussy GAY boobs tits pussy transparts and boy bits it was nuts. SF is nUTS. NUTS like Santa Cruz but NUTS like compassion and more active too. Linked arms with Pauly's girl Emily and twirled with her around the street which was sweet specially how she linked arms with me again. Friendly people are really great when you're losing friends. I am. Lynne is and always will be my best friend. I just don't know who this drunk ass orifice is and what she did to my best friend. Maybe I need to see her when she doesn't make out with 20-30 people in an hours time. It was awesome seeing everyone and jo is a dork and emily is definately a cool little sister older sister. We slept in the parking lot. We are hobos. I'm out of money.

oh exciting news. SO at doloris park there were these femmes who baked brownies for butch women. And I (buzzed and dragging around my beer in a pop-tarts box) asked if I qualified. And they said that I had to self-identify as butch. After a minute or two of thinking I decided to fuck all the pressures to id as trans (INCLUDING GENERAL PEOPLE WHO NOW CHECK BATHROOM DOORS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE WOMENS BATHROOM WHEN THEY SEE ME THERE). I'm butch. Yep...kinda always have been. I'm a woman and I'm butch. Suck my non-existent cock.

Had dinner the other night with daisy and eric and linda and jo and lauren. I hosted lauren out of my room for the last three days. I miss sleeping with her. I wish I lived with my brother. ANyhoo work has been dull and slow and I've read up about comics again and I want to start work. Amara is a goddess of empathy surrounded by a seemingly bitchy shell that everyone just needs to get the fuck over cause her heart could melt diamonds. Emily's friend Sophie is pretty damn friggin cool. Need to bug her about comic con.


went to my first practice with the santa monica rfc. It was weird...people weren't like...the most interested in meeting people/just me. *sigh* but it was still awesome and fun. Got off of work, drove home, biked 12 miles, played touch in the sand for an hour and a half (sprinting basically) biked 13-14 miles back with my quads cramping on every other hill. Wow I was in better shape before. THe club is cool, the men are neat, the new chicks are bitches. There were five other new girls today and they were from UCLA. nuff said. They totally miffed me after practice. Everyone thought I was a young boy. *sigh* .....damn LA. DAMN LA. It was awkward when a guy who was like a coach was nice to me but thought I was a boy and I tried to tell him I wasn't/was awkward. but he caught on which was cool. BUt I"M TWENTY and they thought I was like 14. grrr

I'm going on tuesday. the women on the team seemed nice enough. Everyone is so fit and fast. Five bucks says they couldn't take a hit though. Girls are on the mind though. I think I need to find someone artsy.
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