wookborm (wookborm) wrote,

so balls again

KC was last night, and I haven't confided in my lj in a while. A long ass while. I had an upset stomach so I was excused from drinking too much. They didn't believe me until I puked from a can of coors and a sip of steel (I really was feeling crappy) but yes, I was tried for HOURs. S'all good. it was in good fun, my fashion and lack thereof and for slapping myself in game. Alas it was an amusing night but I had to sit there with the hottest tribunal ever trying to contain my hormones. Ah! I just wanted to jump there bones (tribunal being the seniors). AND there laurel was, looking fucking gorgeous...brown feral hippie hair free spirited and cusping a face freckled and pierced. Her butch body, lanky like a horse, bulldagger and that of a classically trained dancer perched on a crate beer in hand. Tell me? Is there a sexier sight? Nay said the lad. Anyhoo I managed to stay on my side of the bonfire, did slink over and apologize for my drunken foolery of a confession (where I compared my development to that of a third world country). She kinda thanked me and said she took it more as a complement then something to apologize for. I decided to believe her. Bleh, so Aiden was definately hitting on me the night through and I guess he's had a crush on me for the entire year. Hm. So had a fun night with my prop dan-no and dragged her drunk ass to the puke tank a few times..lost my wallet. I'm kinda fucked over that. Uh so I get tackled out of the blue and wrestled with Laurel a few times. Was good fun. I was a bit drunk and whomped her a few times when I should have let her win. But dunno, if the girl can take a horse she can handle me throwing her over the shoulder a few times as well. Mannnn her legs go for days. The only time she came close to pinning me was when she speared my kidneys with her thigh pinch of death. Meh anyhoo so come sleeping time I gave Laurel my sleeping bag (that I was borrowing from boy). And decided to freeze my tits off sleeping on the beach shoeless with shorts and a t-shirt. umm so I kind of hooked up with aiden because...well..because people have had crushes for me before and why reject? Er it doesn't really change the fact that I have a major thing for Laurel (oh and I admitted to having a crush on gwen freshman year to gwen) yep. It was just nice to be warm a little bit. After that I kinda moved next to lauren and tried to sleep with the 6 inches of blanket she gave me. The stars were incredible. Finally my shirt was soaked through with sea spray and dew so I had to stand up and squat by the dying embers of the fire. Probably sat there for fifteen minutes before Laurel pretty much appeared out of nowhere and took off her northface jacket. I dunno, it was pretty much incredibly sweet when she held out the arms, helped me into it, and held me until I could stop shaking. She really is 5'8"...*sigh*, I dunno saved my ass last night..standing there trembling in her arms, listening to her heartbeat. Why am I so attracted to women who make me feel safe? Safe, warm, cared for. Aight well she tucks me down next to lynne with a sheet. So I have a sheet and a jacket...cold but...better. Memory of events to keep me warm. Wish her goodnight. So I got to stare at the stars and dip my feet in the collecting moisture on the tarp. Drunkass dani wakes up from passing out in the sand dunes to sleep next to me. Snuggling fun. I guess I got 15 minutes of sleep, just enough to miss sunrise. Then I'm up cleaning beer cans and trying to find my wallet. Balls. So that's my night. In the morning I kiss her on the forehead for the jacket. *sigh* gonna be a long summer. I think I'll get in shape. And better at dancing. Maybe learn to ride horses. Hmm.
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