wookborm (wookborm) wrote,

I AM...brilliant

ahahaa yet another virus WEEE. at least this time I won't have to wipe both drives...at least we don't think so. I'm kinda into macs right now...scary huh? Yea well anyhoo I most likely got it when I kept on having to switch around anti-virus programs...wow the 25 year old guy next door acts like a 13 year old...it's kinda weird. Oh well. No one really gets older. I still have a cold. Ha. Fun. The computer basically is giving me trouble reformating cause it isn't exactly detecting my hard drives despite the fact that it could boot. Huh fun again. I have to sneeze


bleh on the plus side we won against St. Mary's 31-7 or more...nice stuff. Won 99% of the hooks and the lineouts too...=] happy about that. Unfortunately the rest of my game shit sucked cause I was so sick I wanted to puke throught the whole game. Oh yea! St. Mary's hooker is C-U-T-E...mhm yep ok sorry just had to get that out there, cute AND friendly hmph it's the second part that kinda makes her unique to our league. They actually played the cleanest out of all the teams we played this year. It was nice. Their backs were a bit cocky and their crown was atrocious..but their pack? Man I would chill with those kids any day of the week =]. Frickin crowd though...we scored a bunch of tries and then one of them was called back and my fly was walking back kinda wondering about it and their crowd shouted "Why don't you cry about it" really loud...heh....within the minute we scored another try and I just...just...couldn't help myself walking back, I faced the crowd as I jogged back and made exaggerated tear-wiping motions at them. Gah I know I'm horrible. I just liked the game 'cause Heather was friggin rockin' to me and when I got a massive leg cramp on their try line whilst trying to touch it over she helped me stretch it out and shit. Oh but I ran the ball alot. Knocked out their 5 (unfortunately) and made a pretty fast break off of ok I'm rambling got to fix paper...ja neh
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