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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
11:36 pm
Time to start
Life is interesting, failing at school again. Thousands of pages behind. But I'm improving. I'm going to class. I'm staying awake (mostly). I've got assloads of rugby shit going on, financial issues, working a job. Ignoring sentence structure and learning ruby (as in the programming language. I was kind of sick of ljs just because I only care about two people in my list and things are good that way. I had a great night, much socialing, much conversation. Words like drunk lush and SVU marathons. SO many guests today. I've been driving in this state, this post-beer whore night hangover of high giddyness. Is that dangerous. My driving has been fine. Yep. But now I'm out like a lit up bat because Eloise returned my comics. Well shit to do in the morning




Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
1:03 am
I'm going to philly, my first game for belmont is this weekend. My coach has decided that I have potential and wants to kick the snot out of me...work is death, lynne and sluts are visiting socal I'm moving on the 13th ems bday was yesterday and I'm currently stealing shit from nate and leos and jo. WOrking on games comics and web shit makes me happy. Rugby makes me happy. Fun ok gtg. excitement and no engrish equals this post!
Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
11:33 pm
Fucking A that was nasty
So I just opened my microwave to heat up some leftover rice a roni and my ma fucking left a plate of beans and chicken in there...long enough for it to rot...and to spawn a host of gnats. Fucking disgusting. Now I know why I eat out all the time. Did I mention my house is so fucking janky that now all four burners are out and we had no matches so I had to buy a fucking lighter just to make soup? I swear. Our house next year is going to be pimp. God I can't get the smell of rotting meat out of my nasal cavity. Grr and now I have to eat cold rice-a-roni. No I'm not fucking cleaning up after my fifty year old mother.

On the plus side, Belmont rocks and I played in my first sevens tournament last saturday. It was an awful exp but meh at least I met some cool riverside players and made some cool friends on Belmont. Oh and I got a swift green belmont landshark shirt. It's crazy cause they're all fit and professional women on the side, I can't pass, but I kick ass at contact still. Hm so on sat we played FIVE games in record 104 degree weather with 7 players no subs. ARRHRHHHHHH it was hell...we melted in our fourth game and lost to a high school side...hehee they're scrappy kids who rox so all cheers to 'em. Granted we were playing an all forward side in sevens...but nyhoo sevens is an ok game. I'm a good prop in it. Kinda disapointed I couldn't hook but it's not really the same as fifteens hookin..oh and Kate is cute! Ahaha I swear I'm not crushing on a thirty-eight year old. Ok yea lying. I can't help it, she's a scrappy hooker, older, programmer (NERD), drunky with a hawt streak of grey hair. *shrugs* And anyone who can run around with three steel rods in their finger is badass enough for me! Bleh but much cuteness on the team, and it's cool to see how successful these chicas be, I mean doctor this multi-cellular micro-biologist that business analyst blah de blah that...it's cool. Sweet is pretty awesome and brooke is givin me idears on whattehfuck to do with rookies next year. Horseback riding in like two weeks and this weekend we have a sevens tournament in San Diego...swift stuff.

Work is amusing...mainly cause I do my boss' job and still have time to read up on the news, rugby, comics, and now classic novels. I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes today...and re-read a bit of kafka...thank you project gutenberg...nyhoo ja neh practice tmorrow
Friday, June 30th, 2006
1:39 am
so much shit so little time
So driving to pride in sf was incredible. Mainly cause we lived. I drove both ways with minimal stoppage ...which is nuts cause it was the first time driving on a freeway in like two years. Nuts. I've had a license for two years and never drove up for pride. WTF. It was a lesson in responsibility. I have it, but I still have a long way to go. I am not invincible. My body basically threw a hissy fit and smashed a keg on my head for going almost a month now without 7hrs of consecutive sleep. Unfortunately it had to happen at the castro party 2006. *sigh* No I swear it's incidental that this occured the night when I wingmanned for Laurel and got her Daisy...or something. Either way I went to bed, after being a royal bitch, to the sound of their giggling and the eventual close of the bedroom door. NEVER fall for someone that sexual. Really. Hm we met Victoria...the AMAZINGLY sweet Game winner for Stanford. Sigh she was a saint and I never even got her number. Oh did I mention she's built and put bandaids on my bleeding fist and practically tucked me into bed? *sigh* er what else the march was incredible (the dyke march, uncorporate) I cried and chugged steel reserve hidden by a pop-tarts box. No really I was crying...in LA ..fuck LA...that would never happen. People were lining the streets and CHEERING FOR US. FOr boobs tits pussy GAY boobs tits pussy transparts and boy bits it was nuts. SF is nUTS. NUTS like Santa Cruz but NUTS like compassion and more active too. Linked arms with Pauly's girl Emily and twirled with her around the street which was sweet specially how she linked arms with me again. Friendly people are really great when you're losing friends. I am. Lynne is and always will be my best friend. I just don't know who this drunk ass orifice is and what she did to my best friend. Maybe I need to see her when she doesn't make out with 20-30 people in an hours time. It was awesome seeing everyone and jo is a dork and emily is definately a cool little sister older sister. We slept in the parking lot. We are hobos. I'm out of money.

oh exciting news. SO at doloris park there were these femmes who baked brownies for butch women. And I (buzzed and dragging around my beer in a pop-tarts box) asked if I qualified. And they said that I had to self-identify as butch. After a minute or two of thinking I decided to fuck all the pressures to id as trans (INCLUDING GENERAL PEOPLE WHO NOW CHECK BATHROOM DOORS TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THE WOMENS BATHROOM WHEN THEY SEE ME THERE). I'm butch. Yep...kinda always have been. I'm a woman and I'm butch. Suck my non-existent cock.

Had dinner the other night with daisy and eric and linda and jo and lauren. I hosted lauren out of my room for the last three days. I miss sleeping with her. I wish I lived with my brother. ANyhoo work has been dull and slow and I've read up about comics again and I want to start work. Amara is a goddess of empathy surrounded by a seemingly bitchy shell that everyone just needs to get the fuck over cause her heart could melt diamonds. Emily's friend Sophie is pretty damn friggin cool. Need to bug her about comic con.


went to my first practice with the santa monica rfc. It was weird...people weren't like...the most interested in meeting people/just me. *sigh* but it was still awesome and fun. Got off of work, drove home, biked 12 miles, played touch in the sand for an hour and a half (sprinting basically) biked 13-14 miles back with my quads cramping on every other hill. Wow I was in better shape before. THe club is cool, the men are neat, the new chicks are bitches. There were five other new girls today and they were from UCLA. nuff said. They totally miffed me after practice. Everyone thought I was a young boy. *sigh* .....damn LA. DAMN LA. It was awkward when a guy who was like a coach was nice to me but thought I was a boy and I tried to tell him I wasn't/was awkward. but he caught on which was cool. BUt I"M TWENTY and they thought I was like 14. grrr

I'm going on tuesday. the women on the team seemed nice enough. Everyone is so fit and fast. Five bucks says they couldn't take a hit though. Girls are on the mind though. I think I need to find someone artsy.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
1:35 am
Churchill Cup
Went today. On a sidenote my friends are talking to NZ maori and Irish national players in a pub and I'm sitting at home writing a paper in a hole in the ground infested with ants. Life isn't fair. My lock is sitting there hitting on Paul Tito, Cory Jane and Jonno Gibbs and I'm typing about fucking the Spanish-american war. DO you know how much I hate myself right now??? Bah anyhoo the game...it was weird, the Irish looked pretty keen throughout, intense as they could be, nice back play and they started the match with a neverending rolling maul that brought back images of Argentina vs the Lions in last years tour. Jeez but the Maori just stood there and took it with the ease that belied the madman intensity they showed vs the lions. I mean Hosea Gear practically picked his arse (on the plus side it was cute) for 77:22 of the 80 minutes. It was like a daytime baseball game where the professionals were going through the motions but no real intensity. Then in the second half it briefly turned into a kicking game...and finally the Maori decided to turn the engine on and just smoked Ireland. Hosea Gear pulled his hands out of his pockets three times during the game and each resulted in a try. Bleh. I dunno, I'm not really saying they lacked intensity but I guess it might have just been the crowd (who the hell cheers DURING the haka). Oh there were the costumed ninnies...all ten of them and the random tour bus of irish tourists but being raised on clips of the Welsh roaring through their stadium thousands strong I just was underwelmed. Or perhaps just pissed at the lack of enthusiasm in the majority of the crowd. I guess it's difficult to compare when the last men's match I watched was Cal men's vs BYU in the men's DI collegiate championships, when the teams showed their speed it was truly incredible ...on the plus side it was still fun cheering on players and actually knowing most of their names and teams. And wow Jonno Gibbs is cuter and smaller(in comparison) to what I thought =] I really should have made a sign that said "Lesbian, but would love to have Gibbs' babies". Nyhoo, it was just ridiculous how much of the crowd left before the Super League championship game. I mean it's supposed to be the super league! Some support for US rugby...psh anyhoo that game was excellent, albeit a bit frightening with how many below the knees tackles there were. Is that a high end US Club thing or something? The last try was heartwrenching...must admit I was kind of rooting for Belmont cause I might play for their women's side this summer...but meh
Sunday, June 4th, 2006
11:41 am
so it's a douche
and I'm a lapdog. Slash. Not anymore. Oops and friends are lost but that's fine with me. Really. Her company is rather insipid. I'm an idiot but I feel it is my need to speak with words that are heartfelt and not merely for simple sullen vulgar flash. I am not a plastic. You can replace me with whoever you will. Ha, see there is no threat. I'm working on making my personal qualities less literature based and more human based. Yep. So basically I can express them without a cartoonish inappropriateness. Btw Geronimo came to the party, and I had an amazing conversation with Amara, and pinche punto she kissed my jaw. Which I mean doesn't mean anything right. Yep. Agony. =] Paper time, I have a reason to stay in this school.
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
12:25 pm
Friday, June 2nd, 2006
7:54 am
so balls again
KC was last night, and I haven't confided in my lj in a while. A long ass while. I had an upset stomach so I was excused from drinking too much. They didn't believe me until I puked from a can of coors and a sip of steel (I really was feeling crappy) but yes, I was tried for HOURs. S'all good. it was in good fun, my fashion and lack thereof and for slapping myself in game. Alas it was an amusing night but I had to sit there with the hottest tribunal ever trying to contain my hormones. Ah! I just wanted to jump there bones (tribunal being the seniors). AND there laurel was, looking fucking gorgeous...brown feral hippie hair free spirited and cusping a face freckled and pierced. Her butch body, lanky like a horse, bulldagger and that of a classically trained dancer perched on a crate beer in hand. Tell me? Is there a sexier sight? Nay said the lad. Anyhoo I managed to stay on my side of the bonfire, did slink over and apologize for my drunken foolery of a confession (where I compared my development to that of a third world country). She kinda thanked me and said she took it more as a complement then something to apologize for. I decided to believe her. Bleh, so Aiden was definately hitting on me the night through and I guess he's had a crush on me for the entire year. Hm. So had a fun night with my prop dan-no and dragged her drunk ass to the puke tank a few times..lost my wallet. I'm kinda fucked over that. Uh so I get tackled out of the blue and wrestled with Laurel a few times. Was good fun. I was a bit drunk and whomped her a few times when I should have let her win. But dunno, if the girl can take a horse she can handle me throwing her over the shoulder a few times as well. Mannnn her legs go for days. The only time she came close to pinning me was when she speared my kidneys with her thigh pinch of death. Meh anyhoo so come sleeping time I gave Laurel my sleeping bag (that I was borrowing from boy). And decided to freeze my tits off sleeping on the beach shoeless with shorts and a t-shirt. umm so I kind of hooked up with aiden because...well..because people have had crushes for me before and why reject? Er it doesn't really change the fact that I have a major thing for Laurel (oh and I admitted to having a crush on gwen freshman year to gwen) yep. It was just nice to be warm a little bit. After that I kinda moved next to lauren and tried to sleep with the 6 inches of blanket she gave me. The stars were incredible. Finally my shirt was soaked through with sea spray and dew so I had to stand up and squat by the dying embers of the fire. Probably sat there for fifteen minutes before Laurel pretty much appeared out of nowhere and took off her northface jacket. I dunno, it was pretty much incredibly sweet when she held out the arms, helped me into it, and held me until I could stop shaking. She really is 5'8"...*sigh*, I dunno saved my ass last night..standing there trembling in her arms, listening to her heartbeat. Why am I so attracted to women who make me feel safe? Safe, warm, cared for. Aight well she tucks me down next to lynne with a sheet. So I have a sheet and a jacket...cold but...better. Memory of events to keep me warm. Wish her goodnight. So I got to stare at the stars and dip my feet in the collecting moisture on the tarp. Drunkass dani wakes up from passing out in the sand dunes to sleep next to me. Snuggling fun. I guess I got 15 minutes of sleep, just enough to miss sunrise. Then I'm up cleaning beer cans and trying to find my wallet. Balls. So that's my night. In the morning I kiss her on the forehead for the jacket. *sigh* gonna be a long summer. I think I'll get in shape. And better at dancing. Maybe learn to ride horses. Hmm.
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
10:10 pm
So we won the National DII Collegiate Women's Rugby Championship. UCSC vs Plymouth St. 22-10. yea baby. So I got to go to the ER on monday, CT scan (I hate those fucking things) and I came back clean which is cool but the whole blood thing was not. Got a sinus infection/cold and I've also decided that it sucks hardcore when your best friend is the hottest chick in the world with a chill personality...no...no...really. Anyhoo looking down is still making me sick and I lost more brain cells. Chill. Meh anyhoo if your reading this bug me on myspace I swear ok?
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
6:11 pm
So we won in florida. Playing at stanford on the friggin 6th for the National Championships...nuts huh? I scored twice and it was awesome cause one of em was on the posts. The afterparty was nuts too. Made out with ooo about 7 people. Five girls two guys. I'm just happy cause this gorgeous girl kissed me. Like....she did the advancing. Mucho gusto...aaaaaaaaaaanyhoo. Yep. Good weekend. Too bad I've got hw up the ass now
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
9:27 pm
so I'm bored
I've watched...Oldboy, The big lebowski, american pie, hotel rwanda, Nobody knows, Gojoe, and Last life in the Universe in the last four days.

back to reading the bostonians


I need to get to Frys but I can't bike on the 17 ...namely because it's a FREEWAY...that and it would be 80 miles roundtrip. Which isn't a problem. But the 25 total miles on a FREEWAY...poses the problem. Anyhoo. Waiting for tmorrow. Bye
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
5:22 am
fuck a duck =p
Two down one to go and I can't do it...I know what kind of bullshit is that? I've pulled by the scrap of my tits one time to many I think cause man the bullshit machine is wearing down. ONE MORE FINAL
due 4pm today argh at Merril. And if I finish it before lynne wakes up I can get a CASE of guinness ...A CASE...*sigh* and finals would be over and everything would be fine in the world. Instead I'm sitting here wasting time that I could have been sleeping...*sigh*
chronic back pain is fun for the teeth

ALL I HAVE TO DO IS LEARN 5 weeks of material, comprehend and compress, regurgitate and I just can't do it. I've been doing that for the last week. I've slept on a couch for the last 5 days...I dunno

but...if I finish...beer, fun, movies, friends,
I get to clean my room, learn CSS, build the website, start a blog, paint, go to frys smoke a little, marry a prince...*sigh*

FUCKING POLITICS...I didn't sign up for philosophy, cultural anthropology, or ethics...but that's what I got.
Now finish it fucker.
We're planning a game vs berkeley sometime before regionals, regionals we're playing Western Oregon, Utah, and St. Mary's competing for that spot in Elite 8. If we make it to Elite 8s we'll be playing midwest first which is Denison University...yea I'm a web nerd
BUT DO THE FUCKING FINAL it's 5:30AM goddamnit
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
12:47 pm
sooooooooo just because I have finals, assloads of reading, papers, hw, computer issues, a cold etc etc etc I resolve a la Jake...to do something.

I choose


talk to my friends from home more.

which obviously requires my computer to be working cause I can't figure out how to get AIM to work on a fucking mac. Which wouldn't be that difficult...if it wasn't a MAC! =p. Yea well anyhooo I think that's my resolution...hat or not to snap at people when I have an uber cold of death.

Or ykno I could forsake friends altogether and just dedicate myself to computers, make money, and then buy my friends (friends=books) ha there was a twist...ohgod I'm rambling

I blame the weather...in the time it took me to write this post it went from sunny to raining to sprinkling to pouring to sunny to sprinkling o sunny. Yea ya think we fucked up the world?

Oh. final score UCSC vs St. Mary's 39-7...
Monday, March 6th, 2006
1:21 pm
I AM...brilliant
ahahaa yet another virus WEEE. at least this time I won't have to wipe both drives...at least we don't think so. I'm kinda into macs right now...scary huh? Yea well anyhoo I most likely got it when I kept on having to switch around anti-virus programs...wow the 25 year old guy next door acts like a 13 year old...it's kinda weird. Oh well. No one really gets older. I still have a cold. Ha. Fun. The computer basically is giving me trouble reformating cause it isn't exactly detecting my hard drives despite the fact that it could boot. Huh fun again. I have to sneeze


bleh on the plus side we won against St. Mary's 31-7 or more...nice stuff. Won 99% of the hooks and the lineouts too...=] happy about that. Unfortunately the rest of my game shit sucked cause I was so sick I wanted to puke throught the whole game. Oh yea! St. Mary's hooker is C-U-T-E...mhm yep ok sorry just had to get that out there, cute AND friendly hmph it's the second part that kinda makes her unique to our league. They actually played the cleanest out of all the teams we played this year. It was nice. Their backs were a bit cocky and their crown was atrocious..but their pack? Man I would chill with those kids any day of the week =]. Frickin crowd though...we scored a bunch of tries and then one of them was called back and my fly was walking back kinda wondering about it and their crowd shouted "Why don't you cry about it" really loud...heh....within the minute we scored another try and I just...just...couldn't help myself walking back, I faced the crowd as I jogged back and made exaggerated tear-wiping motions at them. Gah I know I'm horrible. I just liked the game 'cause Heather was friggin rockin' to me and when I got a massive leg cramp on their try line whilst trying to touch it over she helped me stretch it out and shit. Oh but I ran the ball alot. Knocked out their 5 (unfortunately) and made a pretty fast break off of ok I'm rambling got to fix paper...ja neh
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
12:04 am
be be assertive *sigh*
yessssssssssss so sayeth the therapist. *sigh* I need to stop rushing out after meeting with her whispering "omigod she's so cute" in a hyper-silent giggle...

Hey well maybe she has things right...maybe I should be assertive.

You know what's really neat? She kinda justified my x-treme social awkwardness. It was nifty. oh and I may go cs/ce...crazy I know. Nxt quarter I'm taking CMPE 80n Intro to networking and what else...Mod Pol Thought and some global securities war and conflict class...ie two upper div politics crap. Uh what else....I don't know. Maybe I'll take German 4 Intermed german...ykno...cause I totally speak german. ahah no. Anyhoo at least I can say lesbian in german. That's a start. So at least I'm starting to be attracted to girls again...it makes section more interesting...grr tmorrow I have another revolutionary china thing and practice is offcampus. Oh well. At least I have a giant handle of JD and cheap ass rum and THE GIN!!
the gin still lives, saw em today...I miss that kid...got my comics back...re-read them instead of studying..>I need to stop doing that...re-reading comics when I have 3 research papers...not seeing her
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
9:51 am
oh a whole butload of things. I saw a psych. She's gay. We NAILED San Jose. I kinda won mvp-ish and scored another try. It was brilliant. my back is still a bit twichy and I think I did something to my rotater cuff. Hmm we're going to see the St. Mary's WRFC play santa clara tmorrow. I think I should study today.

I did good things yesterday.1) apologized 2)left lynne alone 3)went to my little sister's play (and it was fucking awesome) 3)dropped off candy as a housewarming gift for amara and 4)left minessa alone

ha haha oh I got a cd player
not a cd/mp3 player
I did get ripped on ebay
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
1:02 pm
It's nice
that my housemate got new speakers. So nice that I get to listen to chinese lovesong/pop 24/7 just like his speakers are two inches in front of my face despite the fact that we live 50 feet away from each other and there are two walls, two doors, and a long hallway seperating our rooms. I mean it FREAKING SOUNDS LIKE I'M LIVING IN A CPOP CONCERT. DOES THAT MEAN HE NEEDS TO LOWER THE VOLUME!?!?!??!

y y eeee ssss
y y e s
yyyy eeee ssss
y e s
y eeee ssss
Monday, February 13th, 2006
12:29 am
My razor was made in the USA
I love Lindsay Ann Fleshman. She's my cap. I'd follow her to hell and back.

Unfortunately she just ends up having to drag my ass out of the fire.

The fire burned my wrist dug out and American born steel spilling stupid jap blood all over cheap mexican towels.

wow...my captain has timing. It wasn't a conspiracy.
I think I love her more.
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
11:36 pm
Suck my balls world...suck my balls.
I am protesting myself
this is why I left
I hate the "being surrounded but completely alone" feeling
so I left and found my old friends

best answers I ever gave
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
1:42 am
need to do laundry
and paper
just watched old boy then hotel rwanda....jesus....yea international politics..that's right...I just remembered that there's a reason ...god. ok well hitting the sack
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