wookborm (wookborm) wrote,

Fucking A that was nasty

So I just opened my microwave to heat up some leftover rice a roni and my ma fucking left a plate of beans and chicken in there...long enough for it to rot...and to spawn a host of gnats. Fucking disgusting. Now I know why I eat out all the time. Did I mention my house is so fucking janky that now all four burners are out and we had no matches so I had to buy a fucking lighter just to make soup? I swear. Our house next year is going to be pimp. God I can't get the smell of rotting meat out of my nasal cavity. Grr and now I have to eat cold rice-a-roni. No I'm not fucking cleaning up after my fifty year old mother.

On the plus side, Belmont rocks and I played in my first sevens tournament last saturday. It was an awful exp but meh at least I met some cool riverside players and made some cool friends on Belmont. Oh and I got a swift green belmont landshark shirt. It's crazy cause they're all fit and professional women on the side, I can't pass, but I kick ass at contact still. Hm so on sat we played FIVE games in record 104 degree weather with 7 players no subs. ARRHRHHHHHH it was hell...we melted in our fourth game and lost to a high school side...hehee they're scrappy kids who rox so all cheers to 'em. Granted we were playing an all forward side in sevens...but nyhoo sevens is an ok game. I'm a good prop in it. Kinda disapointed I couldn't hook but it's not really the same as fifteens hookin..oh and Kate is cute! Ahaha I swear I'm not crushing on a thirty-eight year old. Ok yea lying. I can't help it, she's a scrappy hooker, older, programmer (NERD), drunky with a hawt streak of grey hair. *shrugs* And anyone who can run around with three steel rods in their finger is badass enough for me! Bleh but much cuteness on the team, and it's cool to see how successful these chicas be, I mean doctor this multi-cellular micro-biologist that business analyst blah de blah that...it's cool. Sweet is pretty awesome and brooke is givin me idears on whattehfuck to do with rookies next year. Horseback riding in like two weeks and this weekend we have a sevens tournament in San Diego...swift stuff.

Work is amusing...mainly cause I do my boss' job and still have time to read up on the news, rugby, comics, and now classic novels. I read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes today...and re-read a bit of kafka...thank you project gutenberg...nyhoo ja neh practice tmorrow
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