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Churchill Cup

Went today. On a sidenote my friends are talking to NZ maori and Irish national players in a pub and I'm sitting at home writing a paper in a hole in the ground infested with ants. Life isn't fair. My lock is sitting there hitting on Paul Tito, Cory Jane and Jonno Gibbs and I'm typing about fucking the Spanish-american war. DO you know how much I hate myself right now??? Bah anyhoo the game...it was weird, the Irish looked pretty keen throughout, intense as they could be, nice back play and they started the match with a neverending rolling maul that brought back images of Argentina vs the Lions in last years tour. Jeez but the Maori just stood there and took it with the ease that belied the madman intensity they showed vs the lions. I mean Hosea Gear practically picked his arse (on the plus side it was cute) for 77:22 of the 80 minutes. It was like a daytime baseball game where the professionals were going through the motions but no real intensity. Then in the second half it briefly turned into a kicking game...and finally the Maori decided to turn the engine on and just smoked Ireland. Hosea Gear pulled his hands out of his pockets three times during the game and each resulted in a try. Bleh. I dunno, I'm not really saying they lacked intensity but I guess it might have just been the crowd (who the hell cheers DURING the haka). Oh there were the costumed ninnies...all ten of them and the random tour bus of irish tourists but being raised on clips of the Welsh roaring through their stadium thousands strong I just was underwelmed. Or perhaps just pissed at the lack of enthusiasm in the majority of the crowd. I guess it's difficult to compare when the last men's match I watched was Cal men's vs BYU in the men's DI collegiate championships, when the teams showed their speed it was truly incredible ...on the plus side it was still fun cheering on players and actually knowing most of their names and teams. And wow Jonno Gibbs is cuter and smaller(in comparison) to what I thought =] I really should have made a sign that said "Lesbian, but would love to have Gibbs' babies". Nyhoo, it was just ridiculous how much of the crowd left before the Super League championship game. I mean it's supposed to be the super league! Some support for US rugby...psh anyhoo that game was excellent, albeit a bit frightening with how many below the knees tackles there were. Is that a high end US Club thing or something? The last try was heartwrenching...must admit I was kind of rooting for Belmont cause I might play for their women's side this summer...but meh
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