wookborm (wookborm) wrote,

so it's a douche

and I'm a lapdog. Slash. Not anymore. Oops and friends are lost but that's fine with me. Really. Her company is rather insipid. I'm an idiot but I feel it is my need to speak with words that are heartfelt and not merely for simple sullen vulgar flash. I am not a plastic. You can replace me with whoever you will. Ha, see there is no threat. I'm working on making my personal qualities less literature based and more human based. Yep. So basically I can express them without a cartoonish inappropriateness. Btw Geronimo came to the party, and I had an amazing conversation with Amara, and pinche punto she kissed my jaw. Which I mean doesn't mean anything right. Yep. Agony. =] Paper time, I have a reason to stay in this school.
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