wookborm (wookborm) wrote,


sooooooooo just because I have finals, assloads of reading, papers, hw, computer issues, a cold etc etc etc I resolve a la Jake...to do something.

I choose


talk to my friends from home more.

which obviously requires my computer to be working cause I can't figure out how to get AIM to work on a fucking mac. Which wouldn't be that difficult...if it wasn't a MAC! =p. Yea well anyhooo I think that's my resolution...hat or not to snap at people when I have an uber cold of death.

Or ykno I could forsake friends altogether and just dedicate myself to computers, make money, and then buy my friends (friends=books) ha there was a twist...ohgod I'm rambling

I blame the weather...in the time it took me to write this post it went from sunny to raining to sprinkling to pouring to sunny to sprinkling o sunny. Yea ya think we fucked up the world?

Oh. final score UCSC vs St. Mary's 39-7...
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