wookborm (wookborm) wrote,

be be assertive *sigh*

yessssssssssss so sayeth the therapist. *sigh* I need to stop rushing out after meeting with her whispering "omigod she's so cute" in a hyper-silent giggle...

Hey well maybe she has things right...maybe I should be assertive.

You know what's really neat? She kinda justified my x-treme social awkwardness. It was nifty. oh and I may go cs/ce...crazy I know. Nxt quarter I'm taking CMPE 80n Intro to networking and what else...Mod Pol Thought and some global securities war and conflict class...ie two upper div politics crap. Uh what else....I don't know. Maybe I'll take German 4 Intermed german...ykno...cause I totally speak german. ahah no. Anyhoo at least I can say lesbian in german. That's a start. So at least I'm starting to be attracted to girls again...it makes section more interesting...grr tmorrow I have another revolutionary china thing and practice is offcampus. Oh well. At least I have a giant handle of JD and cheap ass rum and THE GIN!!
the gin still lives, saw em today...I miss that kid...got my comics back...re-read them instead of studying..>I need to stop doing that...re-reading comics when I have 3 research papers...not seeing her
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